Seater Object


Aluminium Seater—BOB is a comfortable seating object, that is made of curved aluminium sheets. The conturing aluminium holds the custom made pillow.

This design is driven by the question of how to design something timeless with a functional and sustainable conception.

Aluminium as a recycable material is a strong and long lasting material and that means that BOB can be a lifetime item for every part of your environment. The pillow can be replaced for new colors and material versions.

The Aluminium Seater—BOB works as office seater, living room part or even as an outdoor solution!

With an outer radius of 80cm the BOB seater is a comfortable seating island.

less material – raw aluminium – simple & always renewable pillows – very long lasting – easy to recycle

This idea follows-up the Aluminium Sofa—Lehnhoff concept.

BOB- Seater object

*The pillow which is not in the draft will add another 5cm to the height, so that the final measurement of the height will be around 45cm.

The Aluminium Seater—BOB

If you like to know more about BOB feel free to contact me.