Lehnhoff –
sofa concept

Lehnhoff Aluminium Sofa

The Aluminium Sofa—Lehnhoff consists of separate modules, so that one single module can be used as a convenient armchair.

Therefore, one module can be used as a single piece, but also can be used in a comfortable sofa arrangement. For this visual I left out the backrest pillows.
This design is driven by the question of how to design something timeless with a functional and sustainable conception. The aluminium shell is long-lasting, and the pillows can be exchanged with different colours and fabrics.

The minimal approach of the aluminium sofa—Lehnhoff allows continuity, and the exchangeable pillows change with your change of style. Even the raw aluminium can be coloured by anodizing the shell.
The upper edged metal shell is mounted on a smaller edged metal base.

less material – raw aluminium – simple & always renewable pillows – very long lasting – easy to recycle

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Lehnhoff Aluminium Sofa